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How It Works

Up until now if you needed a web site you had to have one custom built for you. Much like a corporate logo, brochure or video you hired an company who sat down with you and built a new concept from scratch. This was a highly effective method since web site design was a very complicated process involving programming, math and junk. Since it was approached like any skilled craft, web site code was developed using the same methodology you’d find in other trades like wood working, glass blowing or driftwood sculptures. Hand-built by a single artisan, one project at a time.

But when you think about it, having a one-of-a-kind web site is not such a good thing. Consider the fact that if your site is hand crafted then the person that created it is probably the only one who can make significant changes. Could you imagine if you owned a custom built car and had to go back to the factory for routine maintenance? What if you moved or if the factory closed, then you’d be left with a worthless vehicle. If you can’t find or hire the original programmers you might be out of luck with updating a custom web site.

Fortunately web site development, like the automotive industry has matured to a level where there is no longer an advantage to having everything completely custom built. You can have a web site with a custom design without having to pay for the code to be written from from scratch. Just like you can have a sedan that has a completely different look than the crossover but has the same chassis and engine.

That is the premise for MyFASTSite a web site subscription service. At its core each MyFASTSite has the same web site engine. This web site engine powers all the robust features that you want like content management, news feeds, contact forms and e-commerce. However your web site will not look the same as our other customers. We work together with you to custom design the site to your particular branding needs and target audience.

And that’s the real power of our system. Even though your site looks different from our other customers, it has the same features underneath. Most importantly it is built on top of the same unbelievably simple Content Management System (CMS). Since the web site is built into this system you can update your content whenever you want. Practically from wherever you want. All you need it your username and password and you can log in and make changes. The CMS allows you to change any of your text, make things bold or italic, add pictures, movies or even create custom feedback forms. You can even integrate your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube content in a snap. All the features that large companies and organizations have enjoyed for years.

So you get a new web site with all the advanced features you want. You get it branded to fit your marketing. You can update it yourself whenever you want. And it doesn’t cost nearly as much as a custom built solution. That’s how it works. Contact us for a free demonstration of our system and to see more examples of our work.